Colon Cancer Screenings – Still Important Despite COVID-19

The world is currently suffering from a global pandemic, the likes of which have never been seen in the modern age. It has been roughly one hundred years since the last global viral catastrophe, and although the worldwide effort has in many cases been commendable, the COVID-19 virus has already claimed thousands of lives in the US and all across the globe.

Such is the spread of this insidious virus that you may feel that all other potential physical concerns should be placed to one side for a while. That is most definitely not the case. While you may have to live with some minor ailments that ordinarily you would have immediately consulted your physician about, there are other ‘habitual’ killers out there that have not simply faded into the background because of COVID-19.

All Elective Medical Procedures in the US Had Been Banned, but the Ban is Now Lifted in Ohio.

In March of this year, all states banned elective medical procedures and surgeries in order to prioritize the needs of people who were suffering from COVID-19, or the coronavirus as it has become commonly known. An elective medical procedure is any procedure that has been scheduled in advance and is not an emergency – elective procedures are those that are required but their delay will not cause an immediate threat to a person’s life.

Elective procedures may include but are not limited to disease prevention screenings, infertility treatments, chiropractic treatments, cardiovascular treatments, gynecological surgery and cosmetic procedures.

That ban is now to be lifted. From the start of May, elective medical procedures can now go ahead again, as long as they can be justified medically, and that they do not require an overnight stay.

Colon Cancer is a Bigger Killer than COVID-19 … It’s Important That You Get Checked Out

Colon cancer (or colorectal cancer) is one of the biggest killers in the world, but many fatalities caused by cancer colon could have been prevented if the cancer had been detected at an early stage.

A colon cancer screening is a painless procedure that involves a colonoscopy. Your colon will be checked for unusual growths that have the potential to turn cancerous. Such growths can easily be removed before they become problematic.

Colon cancer screening is crucial for everyone over the age of fifty, and the further you age beyond fifty, the more crucial it becomes.

Prevention is Key – Arrange Your Colon Cancer Screening Now

For the sake of your continued good health and longevity, it is vital that you arrange a colon cancer screening, particularly if you are over fifty years of age and you have not had one before, or if you are over sixty years of age and it has been over two years since your last screening.

Please contact us here at Great Lakes Gastroenterology so we can make the necessary arrangements for your colon cancer screening. You can also contact us to talk about any other gastroenterological concerns you may have. Call us today at (440) 205-1225 or online through our contact form here.

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