What is an Endoscopy?

If you type in ‘what is an endoscopy’ into any search engine, it will likely come up with a basic answer that many people still don’t understand.

At Great Lakes Gastroenterology, we want all of our patients to be completely aware of what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it’s going to be done. If someone you love or you yourself is in need of an endoscopy, let our experts at Great Lakes Gastroenterology break down the logistics for you.

So Just What Is an Endoscopy?

Well friends, we are glad you asked. An endoscopy is a procedure that our doctors at Great Lakes Gastroenterology perform that allows them to look into your digestive system without having to perform a major surgery. When you eat a piece of food or when you drink a beverage, your digestive system immediately begins to go to work. From your mouth, down your esophagus, into your stomach, throughout your small intestine, through your large intestine and then eventually out your anus. When an endoscopy is performed, our provider gets to see inside your entire digestive tract. Using a small tube that is extremely flexible, our providers can take pictures, capture biopsies, remove visible polyps and so much more.

Why Do You Need an Endoscopy?

There are many different pathways to take for this question. No single answer is going to fully justify talking to a professional about your personal reasons why you would need an endoscopy. If you are having issues with your digestive system, for example reflux or abdominal pain, your doctor may suggest an endoscopy. Endoscopies can be diagnostic, meaning it can diagnose the source of your symptoms, or it can act as a treatment option, like removing a polyp that may be present in your colon. From ulcers and blockages to stomach cancer and celiac disease, the need for an endoscopy is spread across the board. For all diagnostic purposes, endoscopies tend to focus more on the upper portion of your GI system. This includes your stomach and the beginning of the small intestine. Many times, lower gastrointestinal issues are often handled with a colonoscopy.

How Do We Perform an Endoscopy?

At Great Lakes Gastroenterology, we offer state-of-the-art technology that allows our patients to feel confident about their procedure. Quality care and comfortability during our endoscopies are always our top priority. We provide special sedation during each procedure to keep you comfortable and we utilize our technology to provide you with the highest grade results. Our Endoscopy Center of Lake County is certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and recognized for our high standards and constant commitment to ensuring our patient’s safety as well as comfort. When you arrive at Great Lakes Gastroenterology, you are treated in the highest regard from the receptionist to our providers. After the procedure, we will allot proper time for a safe recovery before sending you home with a family member or friend.

For more information about any of our endoscopy procedures, give Great Lakes Gastroenterology a call today. Open Monday through Friday, our endoscopy center is sure to make the most of your experience here. Call us today at (440) 205-1225.

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