Dual Balloon Weight Loss vs. Single Balloon

Advantages of Dual Balloon Non-Surgical Weight Loss vs. Single Balloon Non-Surgical Weight Loss

When you are researching your weight loss options, there are many things to consider. At Great Lakes Gastroenterology, we believe that we are on the forefront when it comes to managing obesity and weight loss with a non-surgical weight loss procedure. Using two gastric balloons, we aim to achieve your weight loss goals while being as non-invasive as possible. This is why we offer and advocate for a dual balloon non-surgical weight loss procedure versus a single balloon non-surgical weight loss procedure.

What is the ReShape™ Weight Loss Procedure?

The ReShape™ Weight Loss Procedure is a step towards lessening obesity and increasing weight loss options for patients with a lower BMI of 30-40. This is a FDA approved non-surgical weight loss procedure that has been proven to help people achieve and maintain significant weight loss. In the procedure, we use an endoscope to insert two connected balloons that are filled with a simple saline solution. This is an outpatient procedure and the balloons are only temporarily placed and inflated. The balloons remain in the stomach for six months, allowing you to lose weight while also encouraging healthier eating habits since the balloon is taking up space within your stomach.

Why is ReShape™ Better than a Single Balloon Non-Surgical Procedure?

The beauty of the dual balloons are that they are designed to take up room in the stomach, making you feel full and satisfied. The dual balloons obviously are able to create a larger area, taking up more space than a single balloon ever could. We believe the dual-balloon technology has a significant amount of advantages versus the single balloon procedures. The dual balloon is designed to conform to the curvature of your stomach for comfort. This is unlike the single balloon procedure. It is also a safety mechanism, or back up system, if you will. Dual balloons have an anti-migration feature. Meaning, if one balloon deflates, it does not go off into the intestines and through the digestive tract. Instead, the second balloon remains and increases safety.

Other Advantages for Choosing the ReShape™ Weight Loss Procedure:

  • Non-surgical weight loss is a fantastic, minimally invasive option that takes only twenty minutes.
  • There are no hospital stays and most patients find themselves in and out very quickly.
  • The ReShape™ procedure is completely temporary, unlike many other weight loss options.
  • Because ReShape™ weight loss is non-surgical, It will not completely reroute your digestive system and can allow your body to remain completely intact.
  • ReShape™ Weight Loss Procedure is a fantastic way to achieve weight loss without creating multiple incisions or scars on your body. Since it is done endoscopically, there are no scars or incisions involved.

The ReShape™ Weight Loss Procedure is changing the way we look at obesity and the way we treat weight loss patients. To learn more about the advantages of the dual balloon non-surgical weight loss option, call Great Lakes Gastroenterology today and “reshape” the way you live your life. Call and customize your plan today at (440) 205-1225.

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