The advancements made in modern medicine could not have been possible without clinical research.

In order for any medication to be administered to patients, it must go through a structured series of testing known as clinical trials. The trials not only test to ensure it is safe for people to use, they also work to make the medicine as effective as possible for the patients who take it. Volunteers in clinical research studies can directly influence future generations, and often have access to novel treatments that are not yet available to the public.

Great Lakes Medical Research is an integral part of this process.

We work together with pharmaceutical companies in order to carry out these new treatments to patients in need. Our experienced staff have conducted over 350 trials, and are dedicated to providing quality care. Great Lakes Medical Research collaborates with the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical trials of groundbreaking medical therapies and devices. Our expertise and dedication to our patients has grown from a single research location in 2007 to a multi-specialty leader in the industry by 2018 with 6 convenient locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Professional. Courteous. Experienced.

Our physicians are board certified in a variety of specialties and work together with our physician assistants, registered nurses, allied health professionals, and research coordinators to achieve both excellent care and outstanding patient satisfaction. With our combined experience working on over 350 clinical trials, you can expect to have a welcoming, comfortable and professional experience.

We care about our patients, and we value your time and willingness to help develop the future of medicine and healthcare. We hope you consider taking part in one of our research studies. To learn more about becoming a participant, visit our Become a Participant page.

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Our mission is to serve our valued patients and our community by providing access to the newest ideas in medicine.


2007: Great Lakes Medical Research is founded by CEO Dr. Keith Friedenberg as a single specialty research facility.

2012: Dr. Don Brinberg joins forces with Dr.Friedenberg and a multiple specialty research facility is formed.

Present Day: Great Lakes Medical Research consists of seventeen experienced physicians working together in research for a common goal: to offer our patients the opportunity to volunteer in studies that could bring new medications to our community.


A Principal Investigator is the Physician responsible for the particular research study they are carrying out at the site.

The Principal Investigators at Great Lakes Medical Research work together to ensure all studies are run properly and that patients are getting the highest quality care.

Barbara Berkeley, MD – Obesity Medicine
Patrick T. Boylan, MD – Pain Management
Don Brinberg, MD – Gastroenterology
Sayed S. Khatami, MD – Gastroenterology
Kenneth J. Vito, MD – ENT

Timothy P. Doyle, MD – Cardiology
Keith A. Friedenberg, MD – Gastroenterology
Gary B. Kaplan, MD – Pulmonology
Richard F. Lavi, MD – Immunology/Allergy
Ionel Donca, MD – Nephrology

Jamal Azem, MD – Nephrology
Robert N. Goldstein, MD – Cardiology
Keyur Parikh, MD –  Gastroenterology
Theodore Nichols, MD – Internal Medicine


In addition to our highly qualified physicians, our research locations are also supported by experienced study coordinators, assistants and mangers who share a common passion for research.

Research Director:
Christopher Petek, MACPR, CCRC

Holly Whipple, BS

Study Coordinators:
Renee Nerderman, RN, CCRC
Debbie Donohue, RN, CCRC
Jen Rozelman, MS, CCRC
Rhiannon Regal
Brooke Adamic
Kim Hogya, LPN-IV
Michelle Scott, RN
Jessica Welch, LPN

Clinical Research Assistants
TJ Lockhart
Sydney Donohue

Compliance Officer
Johanna Staral

We encourage all possible participants to reach out to us regarding the research process and our site.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions on our FAQ  Page which can be accessed below.

For further questions please contact us at (440)205-1225 to talk with a team member.